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Podcast guest

Guest on Yuval Keshtcher's Writers in Tech Podcast. Yuval Kestcher is the founder of UX Writing Hub.


Pendo Blog

Procore supports the construction industry by personalizing user experience with Pendo

“When our customers have a consistent product experience, they develop a familiarity with our application. They learn how to help themselves and know they can come back and learn more later if they’re busy or on a job site. The less surprising we can be in our application, the better. Pendo has allowed us to provide this new level of consistency.”


Pendomonium '19

Conference Session Speaker

The Pendo COE: How to create and roll out a scalable in-app messaging solution


ErgoDox EZ Interview

"I work best when I can write a few versions of something in a Google doc before sending it to the designer in Figma, so a lot of my typing includes repetitive functions like CMD+C, CMD+SHIFT+V over and over and over again. So, I’ve set up simple actions like those in my custom keys. I also programmed Slack’s CMD+K function into my keyboard since a lot of my day is switching between tons of conversations I have with collaborators"

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