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I got my first taste of partner dancing in 2010. When I got to college, my Dad told me that I wasn't allowed to just take academic classes (to this nerd's dismay), so I decided to take a 0.5 credit course at my university that taught "social dancing." I was introduced to East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Merengue, American Tango, and Waltz. Fast forward to my Senior year, and I had taken over the program to co-teach these classes alongside my regular courses. 

It's been over 11 years now, and I've learned to dance almost every partner dance out there. I’ve done paid performances and competitions; and I travel yearly for dance (pre-pandemic), often going to dance “conferences” (we call them weekenders) all around the US. My focuses today are Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues, and Collegiate Shag.

Here are some photos from over the years in my dance career.

Lindy Focus

One of my favorite events, Lindy Focus, with one of my favorite dance partners.

University of Idaho

This might be the first picture ever taken of me dancing. This was taken in Moscow, ID, where I frequented when I first learned to dance.


Why yes, that is Bill Nye.

Camp Hollywood 2016

This photo was taken at 8am at a dance "weekender" called Camp Hollywood. No, we were not early risers; it's pretty normal to stay up until 8am dancing! If you make it until the morning, you get the honors of being in the "breakfast club."

Dance Competition

Got a funny number for this dance competition in LA.

Camp Holywood 2016

Camp Hollywood is one of my favorite weekenders. I've attended it more than any other event.


This was taken at an event called the CalBal, where I first learned Balboa, another vintage swing dance.

LA Blues

This was taken at an event for Blues dancers called LA Blues.


I'd often drive 4 hours round trip on a Thursday from Santa Barbara to LA to catch this weekly dance event, Lindy Groove.

Lindy Groove

Social dancing events are frequent in every major city in the US. You show up without a partner and dance to amazing music with friends, new and old.

LA Shag

This is an event called LA Shag Festival, where I first learned Shag, a vintage swing dance.

Queen Mary

Performing on The Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA for their 4th of July event.

Lindy Loft

Dancing Lindy Hop with one of my favorite dancers at the Lindy Loft dance venue.

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